Monday, December 28, 2009

Life Is One Big Competition

Whether you like it or not, you're always going to be competing. Life is one big rat race And we're all trying to reach the "Big Cheese". Someone is always going to try to be better than you or try to get something before you do. It sucks but it's life. And even if you don't think you're competing, YOU ARE. Someone's going to take your success as a threat and try to upstage you. Psh. But hey, I guess all I can say to that is never let other get in the way of your success. Never let someone get to you because then they own you and that's not good. That's why I hate indirect Facebook statuses people make about each other. How old are we ? You have a problem with someone but you won't let them know. Instead, you make your status about them HOPING they will figure it out. Not cool. You obviously let something they did get to you. They own you. Don't say you don't care because you do. If you didn't, you wouldn't have made the status. You would continue your life. So lets end this on a good note, BE ALL YOU CAN BE! Don't let anyone stop you. Love yourself.

Xoxo, Tyra Crash.
P.S. I'm aware the topic kinda switched, lmao

Basic Raglan Pullover?

I find it EXTREMELY hard to find the perfect Basic Raglan Pullover. I've looked almost every where! All I see are the Raglan shirts. YAWN. Or the jackets. Psh. Jackets are overrated. I want a basic Pullover / Hoodie ! That's it. I've been wanting one since early last year. I'm aware Forever 21 cheap ass used to sell them but then stopped. Wtf. Not the good shit !

If anyone can find or knows a place that sells these, please let me know!

Xoxo, Tyra Crash.

Whenever Baby ;D

Only in my wildest dreams will I ever meet a guy as FLY as Scott. PSH.

Legos Are Really Sexy !

And Oh we cannot forget the sexy duo that creates AHH-MAZING Lego pieces ;D

Dee & Ricky <33

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Get lost in this sauce ;D

1. I'm in love with Owls
2. Today my favorite color is blue, tomorrow it'll be black. The next day it'll be purple.
3. I never say anything when people disappoint me but when I "disappoint" someone the world suddenly ends.
4. I love my cousin's grandma's cherry pie. Mmm ;D
5. I like to have fun, I'm ALWAYS trying something new. sheesh, kill me for wanting to experience things.
6. I secretly like Math .. not such a secret anymore.
7. I want to be something one day and I actually mean it.
8. I love the woman that gave birth to me. She's the best person in my life.
9. I love expressing myself through writing, artwork, everything ! Always have.
10. I'm a pretty cool person. So I've heard.
11. I hate people that are so full of themself.
12. I hate when people lie or do things behind my back. <-- that always seems to happen with me, 13. I don't like people that rush things. YIELD. 15. I'm very nocturnal. 16. I go to an art school that could do better with whom they accept. 17. I currently like twitter. 18. Winter break's gay, I miss my school homies. 19. I ENJOY SHOPPING VERY MUCH. 20. I want to go to New York for College and other things.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Oh YEHHHH! It's December 25th, also known as CHRISTMAS ! Yipee. It's supposidly the GREATEST time of year, and it's here! Let us celebrate it :) So yeah. Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Fröhliches Weihnachten, 愉快的聖誕節, (I used Free Translator like shit) and all that good stuff ! Lmao. I want everyone to be safe and warm this holiday season. Be with all the loved ones! And most importantly be GRATEFUL because I know most of us will be like "OH MY GAHH I'M SO FUCKING PISSED I DIDN'T GET , such and such" Well STFU and be happy you have your health. Don't be a brat. Christmas isn't about presents. It's about CHRIST! So be blessed you even got ANYTHING and yeah yeah yeah let your seasons be merry, or whatever they say. I love you all ! Thanks for continuing to keep up with my blog. PEACEonEARTH!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

"New Year, New Me"

Psh! I hate when people say that. What makes you think just because its a new year you won't be the same fool you were last year? Or even a week ago haha. People try to make these BIG changes they know they can't live up to. And when they "cut people off" they usually end up being bffs again by the next month. Smh. I think we should all just chill out and if you want to make a change, DO IT! But make sure its a change you know you can do. Make promises you know you can keep.

Tweet ME @tyracrashleigh

Ahahaha I cannot believe I'm actually starting to like this site ! It's funny as shit. I used to think it was dumb and stuff becuase like, who the hell cares about what your doing every moment and shit? But the trending topics and random funny updates are priceless ! LMAO. So yehh, in the the great words of Andy Milonakis, "aye lemme twitter dat!"

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Worst Time Of The Month

I hate this shit. I care about everything BUT this shit. I can't stand this. You always find some kind of way to sneak up on me around a time when I want to enjoy life and be happy. You disable me with your kiss of death and you leave me there, bleeding. In pain. Weak and helpless. You continue to stab me with your knife which is invisible to the human eye. But oh, I can see it. I can see everything you're doing. I know your plan. But I don't want any part of it! Why is it so painful? Why when I try to cure it, nothing really helps. You fuck up my mood, you fuck up my hair, and you fuck up my happiness. I hate you with the deepest passion. Hate is such a strong word, but FUCK YOU MOTHER NATURE. Die and never come back to bother me. I did nothing to you. Bitch.

Xoxo, Tyra Crash.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Elizabeth McGrath

is my HERO ! I'm so in love with her work. My Computer Graphics/ Photography teacher put me on to her work a couple of weeks ago. He said he knew I would love her and I do ! I'm into really weird and different things. Dull colors and fancy things bore me. But her work speaks to me some how. Everything POPS and has a nice feel to it. It inspires me! Check her out:

RIP Brittany Murphy

Yesterday, Well-Known actor Brittany Murphy passes away due to a heart attack. How tragic! She was so beautiful and talented. It's really sad to see all these wondeful people go this year. We've lost so many great people from Bernie Mac to Michael Jackson. Well, I guess all we can do is pray for their families. Rest in Paradise.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In On A Saturday

So it snowed all day today and yeah, me and my bff Taylor stayed in and took lots of pictures on her macbook. So yeaaah. Here are a few (the rest are on my Facebook)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Dear Santa,

I wan't a fly ass guy that compliments my style.
Like red compliments green. Blue compliments orange.
I want someone that knows what they're doing when they get dressed in the morning.

I'm tired of the basics. What is my problem? Looking back on all the guys I've EVER talked to, they were all basic. Now everyone who is anyone knows that I am not a basic person. I'm pretty fashionable and outgoing. Now, I'm also very shallow and I'm always thinking, that's not good because how can I ever get a real relationship or whatever without actually getting to know them and looking past the exterior stuff. But now that I've been doing that, I think it's STUPID because nothing ever worked out. Maybe I don't want a real boyfriend. Maybe I just want someone to look good with. But then again, that makes me happy. Seems like I want to much, huh? Idk, I just want to be happy. Like my little sister said,
If he has no style, we're NOT saving
& I agree. So please Sanata, bless me with someone fly this year. Gimme a boy with an urban, edgy style. One who dosen't give a fuck about cooporate america and does their own little thing. Who knows what they're doing and exactly what they want in life But then again, I think you have ;D
PSH, Lookbook should be a dating site for Fashion lovers, lmaoo.


WAS AMAZING! One SWEET Sixteen :) No I didn't have a party or anything but it was really chill and awesome. Everyone who mattered at school wished me a happy birthday, a few of my classes sang me a happy birthday, and some people gave me gifts ! Yay. Then after school was over, me and some people went to Chipotle and chilled, that's always fun! Awe man I love my friends. Oh and shoutouts to my BESTEST guy friend Quran, because he's just too amazing. He always gets me a pretty balloon or something for my bday :) I love him. So afterwards, me and the most special people in my life went to Maccaroni Grill and ate had a great time. Long story short, everything was just amazing. Although it had it's upsetting moments It was a really happy birthday.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 18, Couldn't Be Better !

This day has a wonderful significance. MY BIRTHDAY! Say whudddd? Yes, I was born on this day in 1993 ! Woot woot. I'm so excited this year because this will be the big day: My sixteenth birthday ! Sheesh, I'm thankful I could live 16 years. So yeahhh, I'm planning on just chillin' with some sexy people, blah blah. BIG PLUS: My birthday is on a Friday this year! Yesss. Oh shit, and I share it with this sexy beast aka "Lexy" Ramirez (haha) Who was born this day in 1994 (babyyy) Yess birthday twin. This shall be grand :D


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cool It Now

It's better when you actually get to know someone. Like I said, I'm taking things day by day and stuff but it's like, this feels right. This feels like the correction of all of my previous mistakes. Why rush into things? Don't feel like you have to commit yourself to someone before you actually get to know them just because they want you to. Hahaha NO! Most likely your relationship is NOT gonna last a long time, TRUST ME. Only because you guys hardly know eachother. It may seem good at first then it will start slowly going downhill, hahaha. I know this may sound dumb but I'm dumb for even ever doing that. I tell myself all the time, "Stop worrying about other people, care about your feelings first! It's your life", But then I go and do some dumb shit. Lmao. Whatever though. I'm chillin now and that's all I can really do. Either outcome of this, I'm good. It actually feels good.

Monday, December 14, 2009

I've Realized ..

If something dosen't feel right, DON'T do it. Don't get yourself involved in something you don't really want to. Consider your feelings before theirs. Yeh, sounds pretty selfish. That's what I thought. But after so much has happened with me just because I didn't want to be "Selfish" I've come to a realization: Fuck what they think. It's YOUR life and shitt. And only you can choice which direction you steer it in.

Xoxo, Tyra Crash.

My Fashion Inspirations :)

Ohkay so everyone that knows me knows that I am really into fashion. Not like most people these days that think "FASHION" is all about couture and designers and all the commercial shit. I don't admire the people that spend $3000 on most of their clothes then think they're HYPE all of a sudden. NO. I admire the people that THRIFT and knows exactly how to shop. The people that get a lot of clothes for the least bit of money. The ones that know how to mix and match. I hate when people buy stuff thats already styled for them, you know? That's really unfortunate. I think dressing yourself should be fun ! I like to be creative in all that I wear. No no, not trying to make a "Fashion Statement" or anything like that. I just like to live a fun life and I can't do that when I am in boring clothes. So shoutoutssss to the people that actually know what they're doing in the clothes they wear. Shoutoutsss to the people that wear what they feel fits them and don't give a FUCK about what anyone else things. We don't dress to impress, we dress for success ;D

Agyness Deyn :) also known as MY FUCKING FASHION ICON SINCE FOREVER ! & forever will she remain that !

Thanks To The Morning Announcements,

This song is OFFICIALLY stuck in my head, FOR LIFEEEEEE! lmao

Today Was Pleasant

Eh, not so exciting Monday. Well actually, I take that back! It was very, successful I guess. English teacher wasn't here so we bullshitted throughout first period. For the first time ever I didn't fall asleep in third period ! Omg. Maybe because that student teacher Ms. Lindsey wasn't there (she was so dry). Lunch was alright. Didn't get to finish my Math homework sooo that wasn't a good thing for the next period :/ Then here comes the best part of the day: ARTS BLOCK!!! Lol. It was great. Got a lot done. Most of my art teachers weren't there so it was great to not be yelled at for once. I had fun taking pictures with Elana in photography class :) Then after schoooool, saw some familar faces & went to the usual places. It was overall a good day and OH am I thankful for it! Because last week just wasn't my week. Welp, have a nice night everyone :)

Xoxo, Tyra Crash.

Ps, My birthday is in 4 MORE DAYSS :D & Kamali I HATE YOUUU! You know what you diddd :(

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Viva La Amy Winehouse

One of my favorites by her

I absolutely love Amy ! She's such an amazing artist. My favorite songs by her would have to be:
-Fool's Gold
-Mr. Magic
-You Know I'm No Good
-Fuck Me Pumps
-Tears Dry On Their Own
-Love is a Losing Game



What's Beauty?

Yet again, the question of identity. Do you think you're beautiful? Yes? Why is that? Is it because someone else told you that you were? Is it because you wear a lot of make-up, colored contacts, and extensions? Sorry to burst your bubble but that's artifical beauty. You weren't born like that. That's just POP CULTURE taking over your mind and telling you how and how you shouldn't look. We all have those days when we're like "OMG I look so dry today! I need some eyeliner!" etc. Have you ever had a thought about changing a certain part of your body? Like me, I hate my nose. So when I see other people with what I think are amazing noses, the envy kicks in. Almost every guy thinks some lady in the industry is gorgeous. So the girls that don't look like that feel like they should because that's what's considered beautiful. That's what will bring attention to them. But once again, that's artificial beauty. It can easily go. Being "beautiful" is not all about what we look like on the inside, but how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Do you love yourself? You should. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! Have confidence. "Beauty's only skin deep". How many of us really believe that?

So Many Birthdays ! Ay Dios Mio !

So on this wonderful, rainy Sunday, some of my family and I went to Dave & Buster's to celebrate my little cousin Elijah & my aunt's birthday. Turns out they weren't the only ones born on December 13th. It was like 5 other birthdays. Back-to-back we kept hearing "Happy Birthday" lol. Overall it was very enjoyable. They gave my aunt and cousin these little glasses full of some pink liquid with whip cream on top (eew). Oh, I found out today that I really dislike Key-Lime pie :/

^^ Grossss!

OMGAHHH! Pet Peeve Alert

Oh gee, You wanna know something that really annoys the CRAP out of me? Fucking LOSERS thinking they're tight in REAL-D glasses. Like, WTFF! I'm seeing way too many people swearing that they're the epitome of "Fresh" all of a sudden because they punched out the lenses to the glasses they recieve when they went to go see Coraline or something. Come on guy, get some fucking RAY-BANS! Or even some clear wayfarers! They're out there for less than $10 people. The End, shit.

Hahahaha, sorry this just REALLY bugs me. Real-D glasses are so UGLY!

Forget Me Not

For the longest i've felt like a caterpillar that has been trapped in someone's hands and soon as they opened up and let me go I evolved in to a butterfly and was allowed to fly away. Before I could let them go, they let me go. Things were left undone, things were also left unsaid. I felt like my life was slowly going downhill after that, but for more serious reasons. It just wasn't a good time for me. I've learned now that all of that heart-ache was pointless. No one should ever feel like they need that crutch to survive when your legs are perfectly fine. I can stand on my own two feet now and say that you are apart of my cleared history. I won't think about you as much, but I will never forget. The memories will always be there because memories never die. You may have moved on already. As for me, i'm just taking things day by day. Letting go is not always easy, it's actually quite hard. But I thank you. You allowed me to see things I've never seen before. Feel things I've never felt before. You helped me experience my first real relationship. Although things didn't turn out how I expected, I enjoyed the ride. Now it's time to let go.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Just when I thought this Saturday was going to be a lonely one, two of my favorite people came over! We had an exciting time lol. Playing the Sims and making ghetto families. RIP Master P Jenkins (who drowned) & Precious Jenkins (who caught on fire) bahahahaha :)

Here are some pictures from our lovely evening:

"Who Are You?"

No no no, the question is who are YOU? The question of identity. Do you know exactly who you are? Or are you only going by what people label you as. Me? I just go with the flow. I guess I can't say I really know who I am yet because I'm always trying something new. But as of now I am Tyra. Born under winter's moon, in the dark. Yet somehow I found my way out into the spotlight. I decided to start blogging today, I really don't know why. Maybe because I have a lot of ideas. Majoring in Visual Arts, I'm a sophmore at an art school. It's not too normal there & I guess I like it.