Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cool It Now

It's better when you actually get to know someone. Like I said, I'm taking things day by day and stuff but it's like, this feels right. This feels like the correction of all of my previous mistakes. Why rush into things? Don't feel like you have to commit yourself to someone before you actually get to know them just because they want you to. Hahaha NO! Most likely your relationship is NOT gonna last a long time, TRUST ME. Only because you guys hardly know eachother. It may seem good at first then it will start slowly going downhill, hahaha. I know this may sound dumb but I'm dumb for even ever doing that. I tell myself all the time, "Stop worrying about other people, care about your feelings first! It's your life", But then I go and do some dumb shit. Lmao. Whatever though. I'm chillin now and that's all I can really do. Either outcome of this, I'm good. It actually feels good.

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