Sunday, December 13, 2009

Forget Me Not

For the longest i've felt like a caterpillar that has been trapped in someone's hands and soon as they opened up and let me go I evolved in to a butterfly and was allowed to fly away. Before I could let them go, they let me go. Things were left undone, things were also left unsaid. I felt like my life was slowly going downhill after that, but for more serious reasons. It just wasn't a good time for me. I've learned now that all of that heart-ache was pointless. No one should ever feel like they need that crutch to survive when your legs are perfectly fine. I can stand on my own two feet now and say that you are apart of my cleared history. I won't think about you as much, but I will never forget. The memories will always be there because memories never die. You may have moved on already. As for me, i'm just taking things day by day. Letting go is not always easy, it's actually quite hard. But I thank you. You allowed me to see things I've never seen before. Feel things I've never felt before. You helped me experience my first real relationship. Although things didn't turn out how I expected, I enjoyed the ride. Now it's time to let go.

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