Monday, December 14, 2009

My Fashion Inspirations :)

Ohkay so everyone that knows me knows that I am really into fashion. Not like most people these days that think "FASHION" is all about couture and designers and all the commercial shit. I don't admire the people that spend $3000 on most of their clothes then think they're HYPE all of a sudden. NO. I admire the people that THRIFT and knows exactly how to shop. The people that get a lot of clothes for the least bit of money. The ones that know how to mix and match. I hate when people buy stuff thats already styled for them, you know? That's really unfortunate. I think dressing yourself should be fun ! I like to be creative in all that I wear. No no, not trying to make a "Fashion Statement" or anything like that. I just like to live a fun life and I can't do that when I am in boring clothes. So shoutoutssss to the people that actually know what they're doing in the clothes they wear. Shoutoutsss to the people that wear what they feel fits them and don't give a FUCK about what anyone else things. We don't dress to impress, we dress for success ;D

Agyness Deyn :) also known as MY FUCKING FASHION ICON SINCE FOREVER ! & forever will she remain that !

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