Monday, December 14, 2009

Today Was Pleasant

Eh, not so exciting Monday. Well actually, I take that back! It was very, successful I guess. English teacher wasn't here so we bullshitted throughout first period. For the first time ever I didn't fall asleep in third period ! Omg. Maybe because that student teacher Ms. Lindsey wasn't there (she was so dry). Lunch was alright. Didn't get to finish my Math homework sooo that wasn't a good thing for the next period :/ Then here comes the best part of the day: ARTS BLOCK!!! Lol. It was great. Got a lot done. Most of my art teachers weren't there so it was great to not be yelled at for once. I had fun taking pictures with Elana in photography class :) Then after schoooool, saw some familar faces & went to the usual places. It was overall a good day and OH am I thankful for it! Because last week just wasn't my week. Welp, have a nice night everyone :)

Xoxo, Tyra Crash.

Ps, My birthday is in 4 MORE DAYSS :D & Kamali I HATE YOUUU! You know what you diddd :(

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