Sunday, December 13, 2009

What's Beauty?

Yet again, the question of identity. Do you think you're beautiful? Yes? Why is that? Is it because someone else told you that you were? Is it because you wear a lot of make-up, colored contacts, and extensions? Sorry to burst your bubble but that's artifical beauty. You weren't born like that. That's just POP CULTURE taking over your mind and telling you how and how you shouldn't look. We all have those days when we're like "OMG I look so dry today! I need some eyeliner!" etc. Have you ever had a thought about changing a certain part of your body? Like me, I hate my nose. So when I see other people with what I think are amazing noses, the envy kicks in. Almost every guy thinks some lady in the industry is gorgeous. So the girls that don't look like that feel like they should because that's what's considered beautiful. That's what will bring attention to them. But once again, that's artificial beauty. It can easily go. Being "beautiful" is not all about what we look like on the inside, but how we feel about ourselves on the inside. Do you love yourself? You should. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! Have confidence. "Beauty's only skin deep". How many of us really believe that?

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