Saturday, December 19, 2009


Dear Santa,

I wan't a fly ass guy that compliments my style.
Like red compliments green. Blue compliments orange.
I want someone that knows what they're doing when they get dressed in the morning.

I'm tired of the basics. What is my problem? Looking back on all the guys I've EVER talked to, they were all basic. Now everyone who is anyone knows that I am not a basic person. I'm pretty fashionable and outgoing. Now, I'm also very shallow and I'm always thinking, that's not good because how can I ever get a real relationship or whatever without actually getting to know them and looking past the exterior stuff. But now that I've been doing that, I think it's STUPID because nothing ever worked out. Maybe I don't want a real boyfriend. Maybe I just want someone to look good with. But then again, that makes me happy. Seems like I want to much, huh? Idk, I just want to be happy. Like my little sister said,
If he has no style, we're NOT saving
& I agree. So please Sanata, bless me with someone fly this year. Gimme a boy with an urban, edgy style. One who dosen't give a fuck about cooporate america and does their own little thing. Who knows what they're doing and exactly what they want in life But then again, I think you have ;D
PSH, Lookbook should be a dating site for Fashion lovers, lmaoo.

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