Saturday, December 19, 2009


WAS AMAZING! One SWEET Sixteen :) No I didn't have a party or anything but it was really chill and awesome. Everyone who mattered at school wished me a happy birthday, a few of my classes sang me a happy birthday, and some people gave me gifts ! Yay. Then after school was over, me and some people went to Chipotle and chilled, that's always fun! Awe man I love my friends. Oh and shoutouts to my BESTEST guy friend Quran, because he's just too amazing. He always gets me a pretty balloon or something for my bday :) I love him. So afterwards, me and the most special people in my life went to Maccaroni Grill and ate had a great time. Long story short, everything was just amazing. Although it had it's upsetting moments It was a really happy birthday.

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