Sunday, December 27, 2009

Get lost in this sauce ;D

1. I'm in love with Owls
2. Today my favorite color is blue, tomorrow it'll be black. The next day it'll be purple.
3. I never say anything when people disappoint me but when I "disappoint" someone the world suddenly ends.
4. I love my cousin's grandma's cherry pie. Mmm ;D
5. I like to have fun, I'm ALWAYS trying something new. sheesh, kill me for wanting to experience things.
6. I secretly like Math .. not such a secret anymore.
7. I want to be something one day and I actually mean it.
8. I love the woman that gave birth to me. She's the best person in my life.
9. I love expressing myself through writing, artwork, everything ! Always have.
10. I'm a pretty cool person. So I've heard.
11. I hate people that are so full of themself.
12. I hate when people lie or do things behind my back. <-- that always seems to happen with me, 13. I don't like people that rush things. YIELD. 15. I'm very nocturnal. 16. I go to an art school that could do better with whom they accept. 17. I currently like twitter. 18. Winter break's gay, I miss my school homies. 19. I ENJOY SHOPPING VERY MUCH. 20. I want to go to New York for College and other things.

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